New Single Out 08/20/21

Did you know that „surfing“ comes from „surface“? If not: it doesn’t matter! Because Marlin Beach doesn’t stay above the water for too long on his debut single of the same name: He makes the dive, the leap into the unknown – because after all, every dive also involves surfacing, after which you could find yourself on an even more beautiful beach.

In any case, the course is set and the current plays along: „Surface“ is a pure pop song that goes straight to the ear and, as a prelude to the adventure, makes you want more. Wash up on the beach, with Marlin Beach

About Marlin Beach

The road to Marlin Beach leads alongside a palm-lined ocean drive, straight to yacht-pop paradise: songwriter and producer Lucas Adlhoch (Some Sprouts, MOON MATES) designs maritime sound oases in which guitars and synths drift through the sunset and the clouds. Cocktail with it?

FFO: Foster The People, Roosevelt, The 1975