Cover Artwork by Chris Ronge, Photography by Anna Rogler

As paradoxical as it sounds: sometimes you have to distance yourself from someone you like in order to get closer. Producer Lucas Adlhoch (Some Sprouts, The Komets, Moon Mates) aka Marlin Beach must have had this experience – and wrote a song about it with ‚Ignore You‘. It’s the first single release since his 2022 EP debut and easily passes as an instant classic. Because here the groove of 80s icons like Tears For Fears and Hall & Oates merges with modern pop craftsmanship à la Dayglow and Kid Bloom to create a catchy new signature sound. ‚Ignore You‘ will be the first of three singles off the upcoming EP ‚Patterns‘ (Release: 19.07.24)

Über Marlin Beach

Marlin Beach is a Indie/Synth Pop project from Regensburg, Germany by producer Lucas Adlhoch (Some Sprouts, The Komets, Moon Mates, Sportfreunde Stiller). It was founded in early 2021. ‘Ignore You’ will be the first single release for the upcoming 6 track EP ‘Patterns’.

FFO: Dayglow, Roosevelt, The 1975