New Single Out 12/03/21

Escapsim? No way: With his second single „Everything“ Marlin Beach alias Lucas Adlhoch doesn’t transport us to a maritime pop paradise for the time being, but lets us stew in the moment. Because the situation is serious – and for waking up in times of climate crisis and social discord, strong musical messages are just what we need.

Marlin Beach’s message: It’s up to all of us now! Let’s open our eyes to the big picture, start with ourselves, and change something instead of entrenching ourselves in the ego cosmos. How about a little responsibility? For the environment, for the climate, and for others. Because one thing is for sure: „Doing nothing about what you don’t see / never changed anything“. And he’s right about that, isn’t he?

To prevent misunderstandings: There is no doom and gloom on „Everything“ and the moral finger stays down. Marlin Beach serves his message in an unflinching yet unmistakable way, garnished with charismatic hooks and activating beats for danceability – because, after all, the best jolt still comes from full movement. So there you have it: critical tones and cool sounds can make common cause!

After the debut single „Surface“, „Everything“ also hints at the emotional range of the still young project – and between the poles there is still plenty of room for new surprises. When will the next one come?

FFO: The Weeknd, Roosevelt, The 1975

About Marlin Beach

The road to Marlin Beach leads alongside a palm-lined ocean drive, straight to yacht-pop paradise: songwriter and producer Lucas Adlhoch (Some Sprouts, MOON MATES) designs maritime sound oases in which guitars and synths drift through the sunset and the clouds. Cocktail with it?